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Who’s Stylish Fashion

Welcome to Stylish Fashion; we’re ready to revolutionize your wardrobe through our eye-catching aesthetic clothing, hand-selected to help you step out into the world. Built by fashion lovers, we bring you style from occasional looks to athletic pieces we know you’ll adore.

We believe in giving you the freedom to explore your style without boundaries. Our mission at Stylish Fashion is to serve busy moms, helping them feel fashionable through our versatile pieces, comfortable garments.

At Stylish Fashion, we’re all about designing fashion fit for purpose in all elements of your day-to-day lifestyle. We aspire to empower mothers, dressing up behind the scenes, and introduce frequent new looks that instil confidence.


Our Story

Rebecca always dreamed of making a mark on the fashion world; by opening her very own retailer. However, after graduating from Fashion Business, her dreams changed direction as her family began to grow. Now a devoted mother to four children, she founded a company alongside her husband within the finance industry. Everything falling into place; accept something always seemed missing.

As COVID took the world by storm, Rebecca took more time away from work to enjoy the company of her children. Always knowing she wanted to set the foundations of her store eventually, it wasn’t till given the time to sit back and evaluate where life was taking her. She finally decided to take the plunge, so Stylish Fashion was born.

A dream that evolved over the years; now understanding the pressures of motherhood, Rebecca desired to create a brand that kept mothers comfortable and fashionable. We carry this message throughout everything we produce, only sourcing the best in fashion-forward designs.

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